Mini Analog Pro Signal Duplicator

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Do you have applications where you need to feed 4-20mA current from a transmitter to both DCS input and a digital display indicator? If yes, then most likely you will need a signal duplicator (current splitter). The module splits the current from 1 input 4-20mA to 2 output current.

While it is true that current is flowing with the same value if we put load in series, but one must observe the total load resistance in 1 loop. This includes if we draw long cables from transmitter to DCS and digital display. There is a maximum resistance value that a transmitter can be connected with. This is why we still need a signal duplicator module.

Phoenix Contact Mini Analog Pro Signal Duplicator has an output load resistance of maximum 500 Ohms per channel which is sufficient for most applications. Moreover, it has a Repeater Power Supply function, which means this module can be used for a 2 wire or 4 wire transmitter. It is also HART transparent if you are using SMART Device.

Another interesting feature is the module has NFC ready, this means huge benefits for users to set the module behavior. In the past, we need to rely on datasheets and then do manual setting via dip switch. This is no longer needed, just pick up your Phone and put it near to the module, then all the setting can be done via Apps.

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