5 Reasons Why Thermofox is a Must-have

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Phoenix Contact is proud to have our handy printer where you can label your panels/wires anywhere, any time. And here are 5 good reasons why you should own one today.

  1. Convenience

It is more than just a labeller; it brings you the convenience that you need such that you can carry it everywhere you go. Weighing as light as 650 grams, compact in size, this handy and portable printer gives you all your printing needs with ease. Additionally, it comes with accessories for you to carry it everywhere you go!

  1. Variety of prints

Printing of sticker labels is nothing interesting… It is the most basic material that a printer can print our sticker labels on. We have catered for different textures such as rough or curved surfaces. On top of sticker labels, our handheld printer can print self-laminating wire markers as well as shrink sleeves wire markers! This is really a small printer with a big capacity of printing varieties.

  1. Power efficient

This is the only handheld labeller in the world that you will find “ECO-MODE” inside! Once the printer detects that it is running low on battery, it will automatically enable this eco mode, which allows printing at a slower speed but of equally good quality.

It comes with a rechargeable battery in the full Thermofox set, or can be fitted with 6 normal AA batteries.

  1. Smart keyboard

This printer has a smart keyboard with an alphanumeric number pad. It has easily understandable buttons such as “symbols”, “templates”, “print” and “preview” that can be selected from the printer. The buttons are made such that they are self-intuitive and anyone will know how to use it without prior training needed.

  1. Resistance of the markings after printing

The last thing you would want is that all your labels start fading away and you being left with an unclear label. You can try scratching the prints or pouring some water or oil on it, but trust me, the ink will still be in a good condition!

Our prints are qualified with certain test industry standards to assure the quality of each and every single print. In fact, we have test laboratories!

If you would like to know more about Thermofox, feel free to contact us at marketing@phoenixcontact.com.sg!



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