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In today’s world, people appreciate monitoring because we would be happy to observe and check on the progress of something over a period of time. For example, we install CCTV at home to check on our family’s safety; we keep our phone GPS turned on to keep our loved ones informed of where we are; we join different social media platforms and post crazily to keep ourselves “alive” and keep others “alerted of our presence”.

In the industrial world, condition monitoring is also a trendy topic. It is the process of monitoring a parameter of conditions in machinery (vibration, temperature etc.), in order to identify a significant change which is indicative of a developing fault. The ultimate objective of condition monitoring is to achieve predictive maintenance to avoid a burst of the operating cost and to increase productivity and efficiency.

Phoenix Contact is embarking on Industry 4.0 in order to provide the solutions that focus on the value and ease of preventive and predictive maintenance. Below are a few monitoring solutions for different industries for your kind consideration.

Pump and Motor Monitoring System for Water Industry (PumpMonitor)

To minimize maintenance and repair costs, reduce energy consumption and increase system availability.

  • It is an installation-ready control cabinet solution
  • Bearing and machine vibrations are recorded by the integrated sensor module
  • Standard communications (PROFINET, OPC etc.)
  • Online status monitoring with colour visualization
  • Option to integrate into the Cloud

PV Monitoring System for Solar Industry (SOLARCHECK)

To maximize the energy yield and help to reduce operation and maintenance cost.

  • It measures the current using Hall sensors
  • The conductor feeds through the openings in the measuring module and connects to the communication cable
  • Contact-free measurement with safe isolation and no contact resistance
  • Option to extend the system with a voltage measurement of up to 1500 V DC

Remote Control and Monitoring System for Railway Industry

To save labour and maintenance cost through remote access and to improve system reliability.

  • Able to control many interlinked components of various systems
  • Easy to integrate the controller into existing networks
  • License-free wireless technology for I/O signals and serial data transmission
  • High availability with redundant power supplies
  • SPD protects the system against switching surges and lightning strikes

Lightning Monitoring System for Lightning Prone Zone Infrastructure (LM-S)

To be informed online of the lightning strikes to determine whether any checks or maintenance are required.

  • The sensors can record the magnetic field (based on the principle of the Faraday effect) due to the lightning surge current
  • The typical parameters recorded are maximum lightning current strength, lightning current rise time, charge and energy
  • It can be integrated in standard network systems via the RJ45 Ethernet interface
  • Internal web server is used to access data and configure the system

Your system will be safeguarded by Phoenix Contact because we can help you to put it under close monitoring before the developing of faults (predictive maintenance) or immediately right after the faults occur (preventive maintenance). If you are interested to find out how our monitoring system can contribute to your operating expenses (OPEX), feel free to contact us at!



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