Marking Materials for Solar Photovoltaic Application

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With the implementation of large scale solar projects in Malaysia, there are more and more inquiries on special marking materials for cable marking, equipment marking, and plant marking that can withstand long hours of sunlight and harsh environments.

If you ever come across such a request from the project consultants or clients, Phoenix Contact marking materials are what you are looking for. We have various product offers that are UV-resistant and weather resistant, ranging from stainless steel to aluminium to high-quality thermoplastic polyether urethane.

Here are two examples of solar cable markers with different types of printing methods.

1) Stainless Steel and Aluminium markers:

Phoenix Contact LS-WMTB product range is available in stainless steel (V4A) or aluminium. It provides simple and fast installation with cable binders. This marker is suitable for the most demanding industrial requirements because it not only fulfils the harsh requirement in the solar industry, but it can also be applied in areas that require high resistance against salt water, chloride, and solvents.

With the use of modern laser technology, it creates highly resistant and permanent markings on these markers.

Examples of stainless steel cable markers

2) Polyether Urethane (PUR) markers:

An example of a polyether urethane cable label

An example of a polyether urethane cable label

Phoenix Contact WMTB HF range of product is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It is made of high-quality thermoplastic polyether urethane, halogen-free and flame-retardant material, with high tensile strength that is able to adapt to the bending of the cable conductors.

WMTB HF comes with an exciting selection of colours, from the commonly-used white, to yellow, red, blue, and green. Unlike the stainless steel marker, WMTB HF is printed using thermal transfer technology.

Other than the marking materials, Phoenix Contact also offers UV-resistant cable ties that work with the markers, as well as high quality printers with laser and thermal transfer technology. Please feel free to contact the Phoenix Contact sales team if you wish to know more about these products.



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