Future Proofing Industry Seminar in Yangon, Myanmar

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Our slogan: “Inspiring Innovations”. It embodies what we do – Phoenix Contact never fails to come up with new and innovative products for the industry. As such, we are honored to be one of the market leaders and trendsetters of our industry.

Together with our partner in Myanmar, Synopsis Technology, we were proud to have brought you the “Future Proofing Industry” Seminar, held on the 31st of May 2018 at Lotte Hotel Yangon.

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Alongside the topic of driving innovations, the main highlight of this “Future Proofing Industry” seminar was to introduce new applications and products for the education sector in Myanmar. It is of paramount importance to help the future engineers be ready for the industry.

Within the short time span of a day, we were elated that we had the opportunity to share our company history and actual success stories across South East Asia. Aside from that, we managed to introduce our innovative products as well.

First speaker: Mr Jiang

Our first speaker, Mr Jiang, who is also our Solution Manager, spoke about our new Industrial Cloud and Networking products for the first half of the seminar. Ideas and experiences were shared with the attendees.

Second speaker: Mr Maw Kon

The second speaker of the day was Mr Maw Kon, who is from Phoenix Contact Myanmar. He introduces our bread and butter products – the various connectors ranging from Terminal blocks to heavy duty connectors.

Third and final speaker: Mr Gary

Our last speaker, Mr Gary, never fails to draw the attentions of the attendees when it comes to introducing our surge protection devices. Live demonstrations and interactive activities were carried out and our attendees were all having a blast.

Last but not least, there was a mini competition held during the seminar.  All the attendees were encouraged to participate in the #futureproofingseminar and @phoenixcontactsea photoshoots. All they needed to do was to just take a photo during the seminar and upload them on their Facebook with the hashtag #futureproofingseminar together with a tag @phoenixcontactsea! The winner of the seminar was announced via our official Facebook page!



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