Compact Monitoring Relays

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With fast-changing technology, regulations are increasingly stringent, constantly demanding for higher safety and increased system reliability across all industries. The only way to satisfy those requirements and safeguard system reliability is through timely monitoring of key network and system parameters before failure becomes critical. In response to this situation, error-free and cost-effective solutions are constantly being developed by device manufacturers. Monitoring relays play a critical role in making sure that errors are avoided or minimised. Errors can be detected and rectified on time, avoiding unnecessary repairs and expensive downtime. Our EMD series electronic monitoring relays provide a wide range of monitoring capabilities to achieve that goal. Our two families of monitoring relays provide efficient protection that can suit your every application.

Compact Monitoring Relays

Our EMD-BL compact monitoring relays provide quick and space-saving wiring solutions and is ideal for simple monitoring tasks with the least investment required. Particularly well suited for building installation, they are also ideal solutions for machines, systems and series production where simple monitoring tasks are required.

Multi-functional Monitoring Relays

For more sophisticated applications, our multifunctional monitoring relays are best suited with their ability to monitor not only electrical parameters but also physical system conditions. You can get the most bang for your buck due to a wide range of functions, extended setting options and various supply voltage ranges.

Compact Series & Multifunctional Series Relays

Compact Series & Multi-functional Series Relays

Here is why Compact Series is the ideal choice for your applications

Compact series relays are cost-effective solutions which offer easy and space-saving installation, being an ideal choice for the simple monitoring tasks. The relays can be used to detect deviations in important system parameters at an early stage. System parts can be shut-down directly or selectively in response to the deviations detected by the relay. Every compact series relay comes with push-in quick connection technology, providing tool-free wiring installation in the shortest time possible.

Push-In Technology Designed by Phoenix Contact

Push-In Technology Designed by Phoenix Contact

The relays are equipped with the status indicators via coloured LEDS for real-time monitoring of operation states. The integrated floating contacts can be used to send the signal to a controller for alarms and thus the operation can be controlled or shut-down if necessary. To ensure smooth operation and increased system reliability, the values detected outside the set monitoring range are briefly tolerated within the pre-defined response delay in every relay. The compact series family includes four different relays

  1. Current Monitoring Relay
  • For monitoring of overcurrent and undercurrent (window) for single phase AC up to 10A
  1. Voltage Monitoring Relay
  • For monitoring of over-voltage and under-voltage (window) for single-phase system up to 24V AC/DC and 230V AC
  • For monitoring of over-voltage, under-voltage (window) and phase sequence for three phase system up to 400V AC
  1. Phase Monitoring Relay
  • For detecting of failure, phase sequence and asymmetry in networks up to 480V AC/277 AC
  1. Temperature Monitoring Relay
  • For temperature monitoring, especially the motor windings temperature for maximum 6 PTCs acc. to DIN44081 and DIN44082, including the short-circuit monitoring.

In Summary, compact series products offer the following advantages:

  • Especially space-saving – thanks to a compact housing in the installation design
  • Can be wired quickly and without tools – thanks to push-in technology
  • User-friendly handling – parameters can be adjusted easily on the front of the housing using rotary switches
  • Clear diagnostics – with status LEDs
  • Ideal for series production – a reasonably-priced solution for numerous monitoring functions
  • Rapid installation of the voltage and phase-monitoring relays with a power supply from the measuring circuit

If you are interested to find out more on compact monitoring relays or want to understand on what multi-functional relays can do for you, feel free to contact us!



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