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In the last few months, we have shared on how IIOT is useful for Power, Oil and Gas and Water Industry: In Power Industry, IIoT is intricately linked to the implementation of Smart Grid and IEC61850. In Oil and Gas where profitability is a bigger concern than ever, IIoT can help to reduce operations cost and minimizes downtime by allowing for predictive maintenance. For the water industry, we shared a possible scenario whereby IIoT is adopted by a facilities manager to understand about his systems.

If you have not already read those articles, click on the images below.

Products for IEC 61850

IIOT for Power


IIOT for Water

Process Plant

IIOT for Oil and Gas

How Phoenix Contact IIOT can help you get started

After engaging our customers in this topic, we have gained further insights and in this article, we will like to share some of these concerns and how we have helped customer overcome them.

  1. How do we know for sure that we will have returns of investment from implementing IIoT?
    There are indeed risks when it comes to Industrial Internet of Things, especially when data mining (finding patterns from database of data with no seemingly no use) is involved. Compared to traditional engineering methods where an engineer spot a problem or area of improvement and work to improve it, Big Data and IIoT is very much about not knowing problems, not knowing areas of improvements, yet hoping for some “miracle” to happen.Phoenix Contact reduces this risk in several ways:

    1. We provide free demos for customers to try.
    2. We provide data analytical and preparation services for customers to greatly enhance the odds of IIoT succeeding. This may seem easy, but data preparation and combination from disparate sources with different formats and different headers is really a tougher challenge than many expected. At least that’s what we gathered from feedbacks anyway
    3. We encourage our partners to start with a system that is well known to benefit from IIoT. For example: Energy Savings, Predictive Maintenance and we help our partners along the way to achieve it.
    1. How do I collect data from many sources and combine them together! It’s so complicated. How about reliability, cybersecurity, electrical surge ……
      Phoenix Contact addresses this by:

      1. Our Phoenix Contact IIOT Connectivity Solution is a portable, plug and play box including softwares that are able to ingest data of any format.
      2. PICS is fully customizable, which means that you can add Phoenix Contact reliable and extensive range of products to form a solution just right for you. This includes a wide range of data connectors including IP67 rated connectors for wet/dusty/oily industrial areas!
      3. Phoenix Contact will partner you along this journey and overcome these difficulties with you!
  1. IIoT is expensive!!Phoenix Contact products are not only inexpensive, but the ROI it provides is way more than the initial cost! And as explained in point 1, we even provide you with full working demo and data analysis so you don’t have to spend till you are convinced!

To help you get started, we have a Phoenix Contact IIOT Quick Start Guide. Get your copy today!

If you will like to consult with us with regards to implementing IIoT, leave us your contact at and we will get in touch with you shortly.



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