Finding Gems @ NTU Career Fair 2017

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Our First Career Fair

This is the first time ever that Phoenix Contact has participated in a career fair as part of Human Resource’s (HR) recruitment campaign. We were pleasantly surprised by the overwhelming crowd and would like to share this exciting and fruitful experience with you.

The NTU Career Fair 2017 was a large scale event catering to the almost 8,000 graduating students. The fair spanned 3 days (9th, 14th and 17th of February), with each day catering to different faculties. Phoenix Contact participated in the Manufacturing & Engineering Industry category, together with organisations from various industries, such as Public Service, healthcare, banking, etc. Throughout the fair, hundreds, if not thousands, of current and graduating students massed the booths, hoping for a chance for both full time employment and internship opportunity.

NTU Career Fair 2017 Hall NTU Career Fair 2017 Hall

The enthusiasm of the visitors amazed us; undergraduate and graduate students alike. Even the first year undergraduates joined in the throng passionately looking for internship opportunity for their summer break this year. In our chats with some of these students, they shared that they were eager to learn new things so that they will be equipped and ready for their future employment.

NTU Career Fair crowd rear NTU Career Fair crowd front

Our Mission

One of our missions here at Phoenix Contact is “To create progress with innovative and inspiring solutions”. Therefore, we need to start training the young and energetic talent. Those who are willing to take up the challenge to drive the success of the company to another level.

Phoenix Contact Staff engaging graduates

Engaging the graduates

Despite being overwhelmed, we enjoyed the time spent connecting with these young gems and understanding their different perspectives of employment. Till next time!

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