The Revolutionary Test Plug Redux – FAME , FAME 2 and now FAME 3!

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Phoenix Contact's FAME 3

It was 2 years ago when I have first blogged about our revolutionary panel testing system – FAME systems that helped many of our customers worldwide in simplifying their protection relay panel testing procedure and at the same time ensuring the safety of the person who is conducting the test.

Do check out my previous blog “FAME 2- Enter, Push, Twist and Remove”, I did explain why Phoenix Contact FAME system is such a revolutionary testing system.  If you are dealing issues with your protection relay testing or any needs of installing a panel testing component, make sure you stay with us in this blog as I will review some updates and features that might be beneficial  to you.  No worries if you have missed out the previous blog, you can still read it here.

FAME 1, 2, and finally 3!

During the development of FAME systems, we do understand that due to the seriousness of relay testing; different countries have their unique requirements and practices when it comes to designing and performing the test. It is clear that the “One System Fits All” philosophy does not apply. Therefore, Phoenix Contact has, now,  3 different FAME systems to help you in having standardization in designing of your panels without going against the required specifications or providing deviation!

Fame Faily

FAME Family (1, 2 & 3)

If you are executing projects across multiple countries, our FAME systems will surely come in handy. The 3 versions of FAME that offer you different design standards that come along with different approvals. An approval like VDE (Verband der Elektrotechnik, Elektronik und Informationstechnik e.V. is needed for the European market and etc.

Test plug for VDE

Test Plug for VDE

Test Socket for VDE

Test Socket for VDE

Flexible and yet safety is ensured!

FAME 1, 2 & 3 in normal operation mode

FAME 1, 2 & 3 in normal operation mode

As one of the major concerns of preforming live relay testing is to ensure “make before break” (shorting before breaking the circuit) is achieved every time when we perform a live test to the circuit linked to the Current Transformer (CT).  All FAME systems are designed in such that the “Make before break” is achieved and a clear indication of the shorting of the CT circuit is shown.  Thus, clear indication of Voltage Transformer (VT) and Current Transformer (CT) circuits if there is a need to combine both circuits in one unit.

CT Shorting in Test Mode

Fame 3

Clear CT shorting and VT contact point are indicated on plug for FAME 1 and 3 and on socket for FAME 2.

If there’s a need to separate both VT and CT circuits, no worries! All of the FAME systems come in a modular form. With this feature, let’s think about the other benefits besides having the CT and VT circuits separated or combined. Imagine you have the flexibility to also design based on the number of position needed and not be bound by standardized products that only come with fixed positions or sometimes requires you to have multiple units on the panel; which also takes up panel space and waste of money!

FAME Modular Design

FAME plugs and sockets comes in modular form that offers flexibility in designing.

Of course, the benefits of being flexible does not end here. Do stay tuned for more updates on this revolutionary topic next time as we disclose more features of our FAME systems!

If you would like to know more, leave us a message at and we will be more than happy to conduct a live demonstration in your office!



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