Ursula Lampmann, partner of Phoenix Contact, has passed away

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Lampmann, Ursula

Ursula Lampmann, partner of Phoenix Contact, died on Friday, 26 June 2015, at the age of 94 years in Blomberg. Born in Essen, she joined the company in 1937 and headed the commercial areas as partner of Phoenix Contact for more than five decades. Above all, with her far-sighted handling of the finances she played a crucial role in the successful growth of the company, from small beginnings to global player in the industry.

With her kind and open-minded personality and her appreciative manner she shaped the corporate culture and spirit of Phoenix Contact. She retired in 1995. As requested by the deceased, the funeral took place in the narrowest family circle.

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Serene Tan is the Marketing Communications Executive for Phoenix Contact South East Asia. She is also the editor of the Phoenix Contact Blog.



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