Pluggable terminals for fast starts

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Phoenix Contact’s Combi product range now includes PT 2.5-HEXA multi-conductor terminals with up to six contact points. For example, these can be configured as three push-in contacts for internal wiring and three PIN contacts for pluggable external wiring. This flexible concept facilitates fast starting up of modular system sections, as well as fast replacement of system components during servicing.

The high count of contact points makes the terminals particularly suitable as compact, pluggable marshalling distributors. Large, identically contoured labeling surfaces with end mounting facilitate easy-to-read matrix labeling. The components are very safe, thanks to the touch-proof design of both the terminal and the plug connectors. A double pluggable bridge shaft additionally facilitates simple voltage distribution and marshaling.

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Thanks to the universal Combi plug zone, a range of different types of plug connectors can be used. Individual coding increases the wiring safety and reliability as it helps to avoid erroneous plugging. An extensive range of optional snap-on accessories, such as connector catch mechanisms, strain relief elements, and shield connections ensure the wiring process is fully versatile.



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