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Book Review of One Red Paperclip

What this book is about?

This is the true story of how a normal guy, looking for a job and living off his girlfriend’s rented apartment made it in life with a little creativity. One day, while preparing his resume in his quest for a job, his attention was drawn to the little red paper clip holding his resume and cover letter together.

Paper Clip 2

This set his creative juices flowing. Remembering a game he played during his childhood days called, “Bigger and Better”, he decided to try trading his paper clip for something “Better”.

Within a year, he was able to trade his way to owning a house in Kipling, Saskatchewan through the use of tools on the internet such as Craigslist. While Craigslist at that time was a pretty basic advertisement tool, Kyle MacDonald as able to “add value” to each and every one of his trade by insisting on personally attending to each of them.

This did not end here. Instead of resting on his well earned laurels, he was able to capitalize on his adventures by writing this book and turning it into a successful business. Today, Kyle MacDonald not only has a successful business, he is a well sought after motivational speaker.

You can find out more about his business at the following websites :

Why you should read this book?

Paper Clip 1This is a story we can all relate to. The frustration of being out of a job looking for one in today’s competitive environment. The stress of making ends meet with new bills appearing in your mailbox everyday.

The pressures of living hand-to-mouth day in and day out. This gets even worse, if like Kyle MacDonald, you have to depend on your better half to provide a roof over your head. These are the day-to-day frustrations more than 70% of the population face on a daily basis. Too often we get so bogged down with making a living and just plain give up, instead of indulging in some creative thinking to make our life better.

If you belong to this 70%, this story is motivating for many of us as it shows how much a little creativity can do for each of us. While trading from a little red paper clip to a house may be a little far fetched, most of us are looking for something more in line with reality but no less potent. This could be a regular passive income from a small internet business, profitably trading in stocks or investing in real estate.

The story is also motivating as Kyle Macdonald was able to achieve this at a time when the internet was just gathering speed. Today, with a host of websites allowing you to do a lot more than Craigslist eg Qoo10, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Facebook etc… your chances of success is more than doubled. There is no stopping us from using the power of the internet to help us bring a little more success to our lives.

If you are fortunate to belong to the other 30% who are already successful, this book will give you new ideas to bring your success to an even great high. Everyone could do with a boost to set you on a tangent to a new success level, regardless of whether you are a businessman or an employee.

And you if belong to the group who are happy where you are and feel that there is no need to improve (god forbid), this book makes for an entertaining read. It is written in a simple and witty way that will keep you turning the pages even when it is way past bedtime.

This is a must-read book for all! Never underestimate the power of a little red paper clip!



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