Love is in the Air

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Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
And so are you.

This love poem is probably something that you have said at least once in your life. (Some people, more than once!) However there is one particular occasion where this poem is spoken the most – in one form or another. Can you guess what it is?

If you guessed Valentine’s Day, kudos to you! Valentine’s day is one of the world’s most celebrated day; although it is usually not a holiday. Yet, February 14th is the day of love which almost everyone knows!

It is during this day that men professes love to their loved ones; with gifts of chocolates and flowers.


Chocolates and Flowers – the de facto gifts of Valentine’s Day.

Yet, although most people worldwide celebrate Valentine’s Day, the method of celebrating it varies from countries to countries. For instance, in Japan, women buy Hom-mei, a chocolate strictly for boyfriends and husbands. Women have to wait the whole month to receive their gift, which is usually white chocolate.

In South Africa, there are week long celebrations and parties. Young girls celebrate the day by celebrating a tradition called “Lupercalia.” This tradition requires girls to pin the name of their lover on their sleeve.

Closer to home in Singapore, Valentine’s day is one of the most popular days to propose marriage and also to get married. Solemnization bookings are usually fully booked months ahead. And of course, a bouquet of roses, together with a gift and a romantic dinner is the norm.

Even right here in Phoenix Contact, we also try to get ourselves into the mood of celebrating Valentine’s Day. We believe that good things come in pairs, therefore we have come up with a very special promotion for you this Valentine’s Day.

More details will be released closer to the date, so stay tuned to our blog for all the details!



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