Five Reasons to prefer the IB IL AO2/SF instead of the IB IL AO1/SF

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There are 5 main reasons why IB IL AO2/SF is preferred instead of the IB IL AO1/SF.

Here we will give you good arguments to use the IB IL AO2/SF in an Inline Local bus:

1) The Tolerance is much better

E.g. The IB IL AO1/SF has 0.25% (U-Mode) but the IB IL AO2/SF has only 0.02%!!

2) The Temperature Drift-Value is much better, too

E.g. The IB IL AO1/SF has 100 ppm/K (U-Mode) but the IB IL AO2/SF has only 25 ppm/K!!

3) The Tolerance with EMI is much better to the IB IL AO2/SF

4) The behavior of the Analog Outputs in Fail (Hold/Reset) is only programmable with the IB IL AO2/SF

5) With the IB IL AO2/SF You have a Monitoring-Feature to the Analog Output supply

Voltage with diagnostic to your host system.IB IL AO2_SF IB IL AO1_SF

The technical features are much better with the IB IL AO2/SF, so if you need Standard Analog Output Signals (10V, 0/4 to20mA) with 16 Bit Performance take the IB IL AO2/SF!!



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