Central configuration for industrial WLAN networks

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Phoenix Contact has equipped the industrial WLAN access points from the WLAN 5100 series with a cluster management function. This makes it easier to configure and manage access points (APs) in small and medium-sized WLAN networks.










A web browser is used to configure the network via the intuitive web interface of any AP. Next, the AP independently transfers the settings such as the network name (SSID), WLAN encryption, and quality of service to the other APs in the WLAN network, or cluster, which can contain up to 20 access points.

This access point supports the new high-speed IEEE 802.11n WLAN standard on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands at up to 300 mbps.

Additionally, the MIMO (Multiple Input Multiple Output) technology with three antennas improves the reliability, range, and speed of wireless communications, especially in industrial environments.

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