Identifying Energy Peaks Helps Reduce Costs

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In the scope of a long-term technological collaboration, Phoenix Contact, manufacturer of industrial electronics, and Gossen Metrawatt, manufacturer of measuring and testing technology, have jointly developed a product for acquiring energy data.

The objective of energy data acquisition is to identify potential for increasing efficiency and therefore helping to calculate costs.

The power measurement terminal IB IL PM 3P/N/EF-PAC expands Inline I/O-stations to include a power management function and acquires sampling as well as basis measured values of line supply parameters such as voltages, currents, and powers.

The device can analyze AC line supplies and can be used wherever conventional analog measuring instruments in distribution systems can no longer keep up with increasing requirements.

This means that in the “sampling measured values” operating mode, instantaneous values can be acquired so that the curve waveform of a measured value can be subsequently analyzed.

Additional advantages of the power measurement terminal include voltage measurement up to 690 V AC (L-L), being able to directly measure currents from 1 A or 5 A including the neutral conductor current, the possibility of analyzing harmonics up to the 31st harmonic as well as synchronizing to the measurement interval of the power utility company.



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