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Innovation Fair 2012 is a compilation of Phoenix Contact latest technology and future market trend. This latest technology translates innovative products and solutions that are beneficial to a wide spectrum of industries.

From Electronics Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Marine, Pharmaceutical, Water to Infrastructure, you will be able to ‘take-away’ valuable experience through the insights of this Fair.

Here are some of the key highlights:

1.    Don’t miss out the action-centre in this fair where you get a first hands-on experience ranging from fast PCB connection technology, reliable surge protection solution, secured wireless trend, to a complete solution in Automation & Controls. You get to see the latest monitoring system
2.    Check out our Innovative solutions for your power-signal-data connections on your devices and beyond 
3.    Visit our Value-Added Centre where we offer an endless variety of resources and capabilities to develop creative, value-added solutions. From basic terminal strip to fully assembled and wired control box, we will work with your organization to transform our innovative products into solutions that meet your engineering and business needs.
 4.    Chat with our high “IQ” products. Yes, they “talk’.


5.    Test out our Termination Carrier that offers a compact and robust solution for reliable marshalling of high quantities of signals in the process industry.

6.    Tell us how you think about our solutions in Data Acquisition via our wireless technologies.

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