M17 Plug Connecters in Miniature Format for Power Ratings up to 630 Volt

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With the M17 compact series of round plug connectors, Phoenix Contact has reduced the size of its standard connectors. The diameter of the cable connector was reduced by 2.6 mm to 18.7 mm; the total length was also reduced by about 15 percent.

Three new housing designs round off the product range: In addition to cable and coupler connectors, there is also a panel feed-through with integrated mounting flange. By simply interchanging the molded seal, users can use the panel feed-through for rear and front panel mounting.

In addition, eight and nine-pin insulators, which are factory equipped with 1 mm crimp contacts, are being launched into the market. Another new feature is the optional color marking using plastic rings on the housing, which help prevent false connections being made.

With the Speedcon rapid interlock system, plug connectors are quickly and reliably interlocked with just half a turn. The position can be identified by the “open/locked” marking. The IP67-compliant housings and are shielded against electromagnetic interference.

All of the previous isolators of the standard M17 series from Phoenix Contact can be combined with the round M17 compact plug connectors and provide an optimum solution for supplying power to compact devices and drive units.



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