HMI Devices for Graphic-Intensive Applications

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Phoenix Contact has expanded its HMI product line to include a new performance class: the TP 5000 series. In addition to the high-performance Intel® Atom™ 1.6 GHz CPU, these devices set themselves apart as a result of their wealth of functions.

The Visu+ runtime software is available on three different displays for visualization. These display diagonals extend from 30.73 cm (12.1”) through 38.1 cm (15”) up to 43.2 cm (17”). The integrated OPC server or additional Ethernet-based drivers are used to link to the control level.

Further, these devices can be connected to Profinet. This offers advantages such as IP allocation via the engineering station or PLC for commissioning, connection monitoring for operating tasks, as well as location identification functionality for service and support.

In addition to the standard interfaces, such as Ethernet (2x), USB (4x), and RS 232, the device also has a VGA interface. Multi-station operation can be set up by connecting an external monitor.

These devices are suitable for large machines and plants where HMI SCADA functionality is required. Not only this, they can be used in almost any sector thanks to the high-quality aluminum housing, which is dust protected and water resistant at the front in accordance with the IP65 standard.



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