Compact Signal Routing in Power Systems

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The new pluggable 4-level routing terminals PT 2.5-4L/1P and…/2P from Phoenix Contact provide universal signal distribution options within compact control systems and plant sections.

As a result of the various bridging options within the terminal strip, as well as routing options within the freely configurable four-position connector, compact, three-dimensional signal distributors can be created using this terminal system. On one side, the terminals have push-in connection points, on the opposite side, one or two 4-position slots.

The terminal version with two slots increases the system modularity by an additional signal routing level within the routing connectors that can be individually configured. The modular routing connector accessories enable horizontal, vertical, and diagonal signal wiring within a terminal strip.

Screwless flange covers and the corresponding flange terminals have been developed to additionally fix the routing and field connectors.

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