THR-solder-capable Mini-PCB Terminal with Quick Connectors

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Phoenix Contact now offers two-pin miniature mini-PCB PTQ terminals with IDC quick connectors that were especially developed for use in the THR soldering process. The terminals come as a standard tape-feeder pack with a height of just 8 mm, which is suitable for automated mounting processes.

The patented quick-release mechanism enables conductors with cross-sections between 0.14 mm2 and 0.34 mm2 to be connected without tools and held securely in the cutting contact.

With 2.5 mm contact spacing, currents of up to 4 A and voltages up to 160 V are connected directly to the PCB. The mini-PCB terminal thus fits the trend towards compact connection solutions. Phoenix Contact offers THR-solder-capable terminals with screw, spring cage and insulation displacement connectors.



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