The Significance of Hanover Fair for Phoenix Contact

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Heading into it’s 60th year this April, the Hanover Fair is the premiere Industrial trade show in the world.  Held on the Hanover fairground in Hanover, Germany, it boasts an impressive list of 6,000 exhibitors and an attendance of 200,000 visitors annually.

Originally created to help war-ravaged Germany to get back on its feet, the Hanover Fair has evolved into a showcase of the next great, ground-breaking innovation in technology.

PHOENIX CONTACT is proud to have grown with the Hanover Fair and not only have we been an active exhibitor for more than 50 years, we have become one of the largest at the fair.

The Hanover Fair has been the main platform for PHOENIX CONTACT to announce our later innovations to the World.  From the first INTERBUS system in 1987  to solutions for for charging stations for electric cars, the Hanover Fair is the place to keep abreast up-to-date with our latest products.

 At the 2011 Hanover Fair, a green ‘grass-covered’ Volkswagen Beetle was displayed as a main attraction with our electric charging station solution

If you are planning to visit the Hanover Fair this year, do drop by our many display booths to find out more about out products.  However, if you are unable to be there in person, we will be bringing you more highlights from the 2012 Hanover Fair over the next 2 months on our blog.




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