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Although it was in 2009 when I first visited the Hanover Fair after hearing it for years, the memory is still fresh. Going to the fair after the onset of the World Economic Crisis in 2008 is certainly different , seeing how the various industries conduct their exhibition is certainly an eye opener.

In 2009, the theme was Wind energy. What was really unforgettable for me was to see Phoenix Contact products at almost every turn you make at the exhibition regardless of the exhibition halls that you are in. Exhibitors had Phoenix Contact in their machines, demo kits or even student projects all had Phoenix Contact products in them. To me this is really unbelievable, even the company Siemens who had the largest booth did not have such level of visibility.

In 2009, Phoenix Contact launched the most products ever in the fair as I remembered vividly. Although, we are the second largest booth by floor area and the impression is lasting. Till today I can still give you the details of the layout of the entire booth.

Nothing beats the feeling of standing in the Phoenix Contact booth experiencing the new products together with the customers, help from the expert are just an arm length away. As always the Product Managers from the Head Quarter are always near their demo, ready to provide further information. This creates a very positive customer experience.

The booth had both static and action areas which customers can feel and try the products hands on. It is just like a high tech playground for all, its was fun and food was always available.

Hanover Fair for me again? Why not, I bet it will be even better than the year before. I am quite sure no one leaves the booth without feeling blown away by the set up and experience.


Jason Tan – Segment Manager for Device Connectors



The Hanover Fair is a very big scale exhibition. I could not visit all the desired booth within the few days that I was there. It was really a very good opportunity for me to get to know new products and solutions that were presented in the exhibition.

Our Phoenix Contact Booth was great with very good design and is very attractive as compared to other exhibitors. I would definitely want to visit the Hanover Fair again. Will always be looking forward for the next trip.

Ngo Chon Thao – Country Manager (Vietnam)



It was a big and one of the higher quality industrial exhibitions. It was a opportunity for me to see new technology and innovations. This is one exhibition that every company will make use of it to promote and showcase their new products.

I am very impressed with our Phoenix Contact Booth as there are always someone there to assist and provide the answers to your inquiries. There are also many souvenirs for visitors to bring back and be reminded of Phoenix Contact.

I will jump on the chance to go to Hanover Fair as every visit is a eye opener on how the market is moving the technology trend.

Evelyn Widagdo – Country Sales Manager (Singapore)

Hanover Fair to me is one of the biggest and very professional fair which I have ever attended. It is a platform for major players to display their new technology, solution and brand awareness.

Phoenix Contact booth was unique as we are the only booth which is 3 storey high. It is a open concept especially on the bar area at the ground floor. Most of our visitors feel very comfortable and will stay at our booth.

Although it will be a good exposure and experience, I will prefer to leave the chance for others to have the opportunity to visit the Fair.

Tan Seng Yew – Country Manager (Malaysia)





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