Hanover Fair 2012 Sneak Preview – Part 1 (Automation)

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Do you need to log your system value? Need a direct connection to your SQL database or bigger memory size? We have the right solution for you and now with direct connection to MODBUS client/MODBUS server.


Why paying for expensive Industrial PC and SCADA runtime for complex visualisation projects if you can have HMI Touch Panel with powerful PC platform? Check-out our new powerful HMI Touch Panel.


Does programming redundancy system sound complicated for you who haven’t done any similar system before? With our new and only PROFINET redundant controller, you can simply start up the system according to your experience exactly like programming any standard controller. Let the redundant operation performed by the system itself!



Just when you thought that Wireless is unreliable, insecure and meant for short distance communication….


Phoenix Contact is renowned for providing innovative product solutions.

Watch out for our new innovation launch in Phoenix Contact Hanover Fair in Germany held on April 2012.

Catch latest updates and first hand news in our Special Edition of our Hanover Fair Newsletter.



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