Fast Profibus Extender with Surge Protection

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The new Profibus extender from Phoenix Contact enables straightforward integration of remote Profibus devices at data rates of up to 1.5 Mbps. The extender has two DSL connections per device. This means that in addition to point-to-point connections the extender can also be used to easily establish line structures with up to 30 devices.

To protect the communications modules, surge protection is required for both DSL connections. The DIN rail-mountable DSL surge protector from Phoenix Contact offers two a/b connections per screw terminal. When designing a line structure, users therefore need only one surge protector per intermediate station, thus saving space in the control cabinet and lowering costs.


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  1. Wilton Iwanicki

    When you put together a computer system, one piece of standard equipment you’ll probably buy is a surge protector. Most designs serve one immediately obvious function — they let you plug multiple components into one power outlet. With all of the different components that make up a computer system, this is definitely a useful device.-

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