Terminal Blocks for 1000-V DC Applications in the Photovoltaic Sector

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The new STME 6-DIO HV compact spring cage diode terminal from Phoenix Contact protects thin-film modules against back currents. The diode terminals with 5 A and a cut-off voltage of 100 V DC are especially suited to photovoltaic applications.

The integrated function shafts enable the individual PV strings to be collected in a simple fashion with standard plug-in bridges. A spacer plate with identical contours ensures sufficient clearance between two neighboring diode terminals. The terminal is fitted with a P1000M diode. We also offer customized solutions upon request.

The 1000 V DC and 30 A disconnect terminal with identical contours enables a safe division between individual PV strings. The screwless bus section breaker contacts and locks securely in its respective switching state. Attachable switching symbols bring extra safety and transparency. Unintentional switching is prevented using optional latchable switch locks.

Double-isolated cables are often used in photovoltaics. A cable feeder open on one side enables the easy introduction of 10 mm² cables with an exterior diameter of up to 7.5 mm.

The new terminal blocks for PV applications takes full advantage of the Clipline terminal block system. This includes interchangeable connection technologies and standardized system accessories such as the plug-in bridge for double bridge shafts, marking, and test accessories.

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