Photovoltaic Plug Connector Featuring a Large Conductor Cross-Section

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The custom-assembly Sunclix plug connector (available up to 16 mm²) from Phoenix Contact makes it possible to contact conductor cross-sections from 6 mm² to 16 mm².

It was developed to answer the needs of ever-larger PV units in which the distance between module or string and the generator junction boxes or inverters is steadily increasing. Conductors with a large cross-section are required to minimize the transfer loss in the solar cable.

The DC plug connector can be assembled on site within 15–20 seconds without the need for any special tools. Preparation of the single-piece plug for use in PV installations takes place in three easy steps: The PV conductor is stripped, inserted into the terminal, and then the connection spring is pressed down. In the last step, the plug is pushed together and screwed tight.









The plug connectors classified according to type IP68 protection (2m/24h) comply with the DIN EN 50521 standard. High-quality materials make for long-term reliability and stability under all weather conditions. A locking clamp (unlocked using a screw driver) prevents the unintended opening of the plug connector.



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