Lake Level Monitoring at Bishan Park via SMS

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Bishan Park with it’s attractive  lakes and bridges, colourful shrubs and lush greenery, is one of the largest and most popular parks in Singapore. Complete with cycling and running tracks and a delightful playground, it appeals to sports enthusiasts and children with boundless energy.

Beautiful lakes and shaded lawns offer some of the best scenic spots for picnics and family gatherings. Other features of the park include a Garden Spa, community gardens, an inline skates rental outlet and several F&B outlets.

And we are proud to announce that from the PUB (Public Utilities Board),   Phoenix Contact Nano Controller SMS device have being used as a Level Monitoring Device to send out SMS alerts to respective personnel  if the Water Level exceeds certain High Critical Value.

Phoenix Contact Nano Control Technology provide a new control platform connected to the GSM network. Equipped with simplicity in programming and flexibility in modular IOs, yet providing users with impressive remote access method such as via SMS or Modbus Communication.

This little controller  has virtually minimum limitation compared to the mini controllers in the market. Nano Control  give users full  flexibility in IOs configuration up to a maximum of  24 DI and 16 DO, making itself in demand for every applications in every industry.



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