Junction Box for Crystalline or Thin-Film Photovoltaic Modules

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The new photovoltaic module junction boxes from Phoenix Contact for crystalline or thin-film photovoltaic modules have been developed to supplement the Sunclix product range at the module interface.

Our developers paid special attention to automation and process safety. Using the junction boxes contributes to the optimization of module production processes.

The patented terminal technology guarantees safe and stable ribbon contacts over the long term. Installation is as easy as positioning and snapping them into place. The contacts can be opened and used again. They can be used for various ribbon layouts, ensuring a safe connection in every case. Alternatively, users can choose between a soldered or welded joint.










The photovoltaic module junction boxes are suitable both for manual and automated assembly processes. The product program is rounded off by the new injection-molded Sunclix DC connector configured in type IP68 protection with PV-compliant VDE authorization. This connector is designed especially for application in module junction boxes.



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