Intrinsically Safe Isolation Amplifier with Two Electrically Isolated Outputs

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Just 12.5 mm wide, the repeater power supply and input isolation amplifier MCR-Ex-SL RPSSI-2I belonging to the MACX Analog Ex product line of Phoenix Contact can be used to simultaneously supply two logic units with a 0/4…20 mA analog signal from a hazardous zone. This is HART compatible.

The isolation amplifier is designed for the operation of intrinsically safe (Ex-i) measuring transducers and mA current sources that are installed in a hazardous zone. Two-wire measuring transducers are supplied with energy, four-wire measuring transducers as well as mA current sources can be connected via the non-supplying input. The analog measured value from the hazardous zone is transferred into a non-hazardous zone via two electrically isolated active outputs – for HART protocol transmission.

This repeater power supply saves space in the control cabinet as a result of its narrow design. The patented circuit concept ensures precise transfer behavior with low power losses, which allows a high service life to be achieved as a result of the low intrinsic temperature rise.

Pluggable and coded terminals, either using screw or fast connection technology PIT, allow the devices to be reliably connected up in a service-friendly fashion. The mounting rail connector allows the 24 V supply voltage to be bridged in a modular fashion. This simplifies the wiring and the redundant supply. As a consequence, the system can be expanded or modules replaced even during operation.

The MACX Analog Ex family is certified corresponding to ATEX and IECEx standards for Ex-i circuits for hazardous zones 0 (gas) and 20 (dust) and for installation in hazardous zone 2. The MACX Analog family also includes versions that are not intrinsically safe. They are SIL-certified according to IEC 61508, which means that they can be used in safety-relevant applications up to SIL2.

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