Professional and Easy Labeling of Photovoltaic Installations

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One factor is crucial in ensuring quick commissioning times and reducing downtime during maintenance: the clear and durable labeling of all elements in the photovoltaic installation such as terminals, conductors, devices, and equipment. With a comprehensive range of weather-proof and UV-resistant marking materials, Phoenix Contact provides a labeling system tailor-made to the needs of PV installations.

The Thermomark Card printer prints on all plastic signs in card and mat format. The Thermomark Roll processes labels and heat shrink tubing in both ready-made and endless roll format. At eight seconds per card, the print speed is very high.

The compact printer can be installed as a central printer in the workshop or used as a mobile on-site printer. The Clip Project planning and labeling software is pre-installed on a robust laptop. The system is ready to print thanks to plug-and-play and provides a bidirectional interface for all common CAE systems. Moreover, the software enables quick and easy direct input of labeling data.

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