M12 Hybrid Plug Connectors in a Compact Design

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The M12 hybrid connector from Phoenix Contact is the first hybrid connector in the market with a compact design fit to address industrial applications.

When it comes to cabling networks, there is an ever-increasing demand for even more flexible cabling. Hybrid cabling represents a simple form of transmission. Using Power with Ethernet (PWE), as opposed to Power over Ethernet (POE), the power supply and data transmission are separate from one another yet use a common hybrid cable. As a consequence, one plug connection can be eliminated.

The product line comprises molded patch cables and corresponding panel feed-throughs so that a complete installation concept can be realized. The connectors have their own Y coding, so that they cannot be accidentally connected to existing M12 solutions. Data transfer rates of up to 100 Mbit/s can be achieved. Currents of up to 6 Amps can be conducted in parallel.



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