Acquire up to 50 Machine States at Once!

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Phoenix Contact extends its PSD signaling column product range to include the WIN (Wireless Information Network) wireless system. Using this wireless system, the signal states of up to 50 signaling columns can be wirelessly transferred.

 The wireless elements integrated in the signaling columns (slaves) transfer the signal states of the particular signaling column to a receiver unit (master), which is connected at the USB port of a PC. The signal states are displayed and evaluated using software that also sends fault messages by e-mail. In the ideal case, the slave and master are 300 meters apart.

The radial expansion of networks with at least three slaves can be increased up to 900 meters, depending on the incremental conditions, using the routing function that is integrated in the slave. The slaves can be quickly installed without requiring tools thanks to the bayonet connection.

In addition to establishing a complete wireless system, the PSD-S MUX SET wireless multiplexer set can mirror the state of one signaling column wirelessly to another signaling column that is within optical range.



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