Intelligent Energy Data and Motor Management

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Phoenix Contact combines distributed I/O stations and interface modules to create a seamless and integrated solution for energy and motor management. Whatever the requirement – be it the monitoring of the active power of server cabinets in a data processing center, energy-saving monitoring and switching of motors in production plants, or the management of standby functions in machines – all of these tasks can now be solved even more intelligently.

Using the IB IL IFS-MA-PAC function terminal of the Inline automation system, the EMM and EEM interface modules can easily be integrated into any network and, as a consequence, into every control system. This means that the Inline station can serve as a connection point to the Interface system bus. By lining-up several EMM or EEM modules, more than 30 measured values can be input into the control – or switching commands issued to the interface devices – via the function terminal.

The lower-level Interface system bus is configured using the bus configurator, like that found in the PCWorx or Step7 automation software, as well as using the Contactron-DTM-IFS software tool, where a direct connection is established to the Inline Interface system bus master. Plant and machine operation achieves an even higher degree of efficiency by using this intelligent combination of specialized automation devices.



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