New I/O Modules and Expanded Functional Scope in the SafetyBridge System

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The new SafetyBridge I/O modules from Phoenix Contact
expand the SafetyBridge system when it comes to flexibility,
functionality, and application areas.

Safety-relevant output modules as
well as a logic module with expanded functional scope have now been
added to the input and logic modules available up until now.
The various output modules are available with outputs that switch
with plus, plus/minus, and floating outputs with electrical isolation.
Now, with the new functional scope, up to 48 safety-relevant
single-channel or up to 24 two-channel inputs or outputs can be
acquired and output. The Safeconf software is used to
parameterize the modules and configure the safety logic in a userfriendly

There are 14 different safety-relevant function modules, from a simple Emergency Stop up to various muting blocks. As this safety solution is completely independent of any particular network and control system, it offers a high degree of flexibility when integrating functional safety into machines and systems.

SafetyBridge Technology stands for a safety solution capable of networking
without a safety-relevant control system. It can be implemented
using any automation networks. The safety-relevant modules,
mixed with non-safety-relevant Inline I/Os, can be distributed at a level beneath the various standard control systems in the network.



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