Measuring Devices for Energy Management: Measuring – Monitoring – Communicating

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The new EMpro energy measuring devices from Phoenix Contact
acquire and monitor electrical parameters of systems and machines. Using
these network-capable devices, all measured data are centrally and locally

These products set themselves apart as a result of the direct access
to measured values and easy configuration by simply pressing a key. The
devices can be expanded at any time using the function and communication
The product family comprises three device types. The rail-mounted compact
EMpro MA250 measuring device is used for measuring tasks in control
cabinets directly at the machine.

Using the integrated RS485 interface, the
device can be simply incorporated in Modbus and JBus systems. The
universal EMpro MA400 measuring device in the front panel fulfills all
standard measuring tasks in main distribution panels up to 500 V AC. Using a
pluggable RS485 communication module, the product can also be simply
incorporated in Modbus and JBus systems.

The EMpro MA600 measuring device is especially suitable for all measuring tasks in power supply systems
up to 700 V AC – from current and power management up to recording harmonics – including a spectral analysis as well as trend calculation. With the pluggable expansion modules, this device is transformed into a communication professional and can therefore be integrated into fieldbus systems as well as into network structures.

The Web server integrated in the Ethernet communication modules facilitates convenient remote access from a
main control room. Further, the following communication interfaces are
available for the measuring device: RS485/Ethernet gateway with Web server, RS 485, JBus, and Modbus RTU, as well as Profibus DP and Profibus DSUB.

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