High-Speed Wireless Communication with 3G Modem

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A powerful UMTS router is now available with the new 3G modem
belonging to the Industrial Modem Line from Phoenix Contact. With its data transfer rate of up to 7.2 Mbit/s, it can be used in applications that demand
fast data transmission.

A comprehensive set of security functions offers effective protection against unauthorized access to machines and plants. The integrated firewall and VPN connections with IPsec or OpenVPN encryption ensure reliable protection against manipulation and data theft.

Six configurable switching inputs allow critical plant or system states to be signaled by SMS or e-mail. When required, four integrated switching outputs allow plant or system sections to be controlled using password protected SMS. A second SIM card can be used to configure a redundant network.

The Industrial Modem Line from Phoenix Contact offers the optimum remote access for each and every application. The analog, wireless, and SHDSL modems are especially suitable for applications in harsh industrial environments and allow reliable data connections to be established to machines and plants anywhere in the world independent of any particular control system.



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