Double-Level Plug Connectors for Many Connections in Restricted Spaces

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The low-profile double-level DFMC/DMC plug connector system from Phoenix Contact allows up to 40 connections to be established in a small space.

As a consequence, even when space is extremely restricted, additional electrical connections can be accommodated to address the increasing demand for information and data. In conjunction with the space-saving push-in spring connection, rigid and flexible conductors up to 1.5 mm² can be easily connected. Depending on the particular application, there is a standard, screw flange, or lock & release version. When inserting, the lock & release lever system automatically interlocks the connector with the pin strip.

The THR pin strips DMC from Phoenix Contact are especially suitable for the fully automatic reflow soldering process. The position tolerances of the solder pins surpass those specified in the standards, therefore ensuring that the component is reliably mounted on printed circuit boards. Tape feeder-packed pin strips are available on request.
In order to avoid interchanging the connectors, the component can be coded and individually labeled.



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