Guess what is this and win a prize!

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We have a mystery gift to give away this month!

Loyal followers of our blog surely know that every month we will have an IQ Quiz.

This time round, let’s take a break off 12-year-old-question since it’s school vacation time! For a change, let’s have a “vacation” question and have a bit of fun with this one.

Guess and share with us what do you think the object in this picture is. Leave your answer in the comment box.

The first one that provide the most detailed correct description of this object gets a mystery gift!



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7 thoughts on “Guess what is this and win a prize!

  1. andrewang Post author

    One of you are quite correct. But the essence of the answer is still missing! Keep trying.. Close but not close enough..

  2. Jiangjiangjx

    I think I see it somewhere before… It is a rollable type of container for food/water used to help the ease of transporting so as to prevent fatigue and injuries. I think can be used for storage as well..

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