New range of Phoenix Contact PLC Relay

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Many times in the past, we encountered the need to have single pole double through for regular relay functions. However, initially we could only offer the single pole, double through modules (6.2 mm width) or double pole, double through (12 mm width).

Now if customer needs two single pole, double through, we now have this product to offer. The all new PLC-Interface with two integrated relays!

PLC-2RSC-24DC/1 (2987309)

All you need to do is connect to each of the A1.1 or A1.2 and the A2 is taken as common. With this combination, right now, two relays could be used in just only 6.2 mm of space! We could even connect up to 4 relay output in the below fashion.

When you need 4 relay output in just 12 mm width of space, think Phoenix Contact!



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