5 good reasons for MINI-Analog

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Today we will share with you 5 good reasons for using Phoenix Contact’s Mini-Analog. Read on to find out why!

1. Space saving on the DIN rail

  • Design width of 6.2 mm – analog signal isolation with the space requirements of a modular terminal block

2. Reduced Wiring

  • Reduced wiring time thanks to the supply voltage bridging with DIN rail adapter
  • Less wiring required thanks to the direct snap-on wide range system power supply
  • Fast and error-free PLC connection with pluggable system wiring

3. Universal Use

  • Configurable universal types for many applications
  • Adjustable temperature measuring transducers for PT100 and thermocouples
  • Configurable threhold value switch, potiposition transducer and NAMUR amplifier

4. Best transmission precision

  • Maximum precision with transmission errors less than 0.2%

5. Resistant to environmental influence

  • Immunity to temperature fluctuations thanks to the large operating temperature range of -20 to +65C degrees
  • Immunity to potential differences thanks to the test voltage of 1.5K VAC
  • Low self-heating and long service life to low power dissipation

To find out more about this product, or more about how Phoenix Contact can help you, Feel free to contact us at marketing@phoenixcontact.com.sg!



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