How has Social Media Changed our Lives – Part 2

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Last week, I shared how Twitter has revolutionized news sharing. If you have missed the first article, you can view it HERE.

I am sure almost everyone has a Facebook account these days. Whether you are using it to play games, reestablish contact with old friends or classmates, one can’t deny the impact Facebook has on our lives.

Surfing the web one day, I came across some very interesting stories regarding Facebook that really quite frankly, defies logic. Read on!

1) Family gets photo stolen from Facebook and used for advertisement in Czech Republic

Most of us enjoy taking photos, and perhaps uploading it on Facebook; tagging yourself, your friends or family members in it.

Well, this family from Missouri got more than they bargained when their family photo got ripped from Facebook and then appeared in an advertisement in Prague, Czech Republic.

This family took this picture for their Christmas card photo and subsequently uploaded it on Facebook. Little did they expect that their picture would reappear on an advertisement for a food store in Czech Republic.

Be careful of the photos that you put online – you never know where it may reappear!

Link to original article HERE

2) Mom finds long lost kids on Facebook

You may have used Facebook to find your long lost friends, or perhaps your primary school classmates who you lost contact with. But for this Californian woman, she managed to find her long lost children after 15 years through Facebook!

Her son and daughter were abducted from home by her then husband, and for 15 long years, she could not find them till one day, she typed her daughter’s name on Facebook and was amazed to see her. After ‘friending’ the teen and exchanging a few private messages, she confirmed it was her daughter and called the cops.

Link to original article HERE

3) Kid gets aquitted from robbery charges, thanks to Facebook alibi

A simple Facebook status updated proved to be pivotal in helping 19 year old Rodney Bradford walk free from charges of robbery.

‘Wheres my pancakes?’ was the status update. He was arrested the next day on charges of robbery. However, once his defense attorney proved that the status update was typed from his father’s apartment, as he claimed at the time of the robbery, the charges were dropped.

Link to original article HERE

Pretty mind blowing, isn’t it? The power of Facebook is so strong, it is almost scary. This shows us just how important Facebook has become in our lives, and how dependant we are increasingly becoming to it.

This article is part 2 of 3 of how Social Media has changed our lives. Stay tuned for the next article next week where we will sum up the last part of the series about Social Media.



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