My Experience in Indonesia – Part 2

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Last week, I shared with you my initial feelings and thoughts about Indonesia. This week,  I will be sharing some of the more interesting sights in Indonesia and the experience I had there.

I was surprised to find out that there are many attractive place of interest for tourist in Indonesia. One of them is the night safari in Bugor, a town located around 80 km from Jakarta. You can try out the safari trek; walk through the safari jungle on the narrow trail while you can enjoy the pleasant view of Mount Pangrango. Besides being close to the nature, you can also try various types of amusements rides in the night safari too.

Fantasy Land is the only theme park in Indonesia, located at its capital, Jakarta, a 9.5 hectares entertainment park.  Design to usher the visitors into the fascinating world of modern science and technology, with the themes of Old Jakarta, Africa, America, Europe, Asia and the Palace of Dolls.

Ragunan Zoo, located in Ragunan, southern Jakarta. The zoo has 135 hectares of land with 550 species of tropical plants and animals from Indonesia and around the world.  The few endangered species bred here include the Sumatera Tiger, Komodo Dragon, dwarf buffalo and bird of paradise.

The Schmutzer Primate Center, specially designed enclosure to let the orang utan to have as natural as possible environment is part of the must visit place in Ragunan Zoo. Thick dark glass allow visitors to see the orang utans while being invisible to them.

There are many more interesting places in Indonesia. To find out more, you can try the below websites:

Maybe is time for me to put away those bad experiences about the traffic in Jakarta and really think about having a short break there. One last piece of advice, please bring along your IPOD, PSP or magazines just in case you are stuck in the unpredictable traffic condition in Indonesia.

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