Home Fix-it: Cable Extension with Phoenix Contact QUICKON Connectors

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Have you been faced with a situation in which you needed to extend your cable length without having to replace your existing one? This situation is quite common especially for customers in the machine building and material handling industry.

Taking into consideration that industrial standards require joints to be water- and dust-proof, the very thought of replacing a short cable and re-laying it with a longer cable can seem daunting. Not only is it a waste of material , it is also a waste of time which equates to significant cost over time.

I would like to share my personal hands-on experience with you. Two years ago, after moving into my new apartment, I was faced with a need to extend the wire for my fan as the wire given by the manufacturer was too short . At the same time I needed it to be water-proof, as I wanted to ensure that water did not seep into the joint when the floor was being mopped.

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As I had a couple of samples on my hand and I decided to use a Phoenix Contact QUICKON cable connector.

With the clearly written instructions from the manual that came with the standard package, I managed to join the two cables in less than five minutes. Sharing similar concerns as any of our customers would have, more skeptical of my own technical skills than of the insulation displacement technology, I turned on the fan and voila. The power flowed flawlessly and I was enjoying the breeze from the fan, bringing a smile to my face.


Till date I am still enjoying the cool breeze from my fan, powered by Phoenix Contact. Maybe it is about time to do another home project, how about a smart home system with the touch panel and controllers?



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