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Written by Gareth Chamberlain

Is it me, or has this year flown by so quickly?

It seems only like yesterday that we were lapping up and then moaning about the UK heatwave like the typical brits we are. But, with October on the horizon, we are getting ready for taking our network technology on the road to the IPExpo in London on the 3rd and 4th of October.
What is IPExpo? I hear you typing away on google. IPExpo is an IT exhibition that is renowned for its speakers and technology on display. It is one of the biggest IT fairs in Europe.

So why is Phoenix Contact going to an IT trade fair?

Our feedback from Safe and Secure is that the IT department can be an issue in getting good communications and policy regarding industrial networks. A lot of IT departments will block all traffic or hinder its access to OEM’s. But the managers and engineers need a process to give more information on its efficiency and output. But also, the need to gain access to quicker support via remote access.

We had fantastic feedback from our last show at IPExpo where I did a live cybersecurity event showing the vulnerabilities of Industrial Networks to IT specialists. We also posed a question of do you know the following protocols?


As you can see from the answers, only 20% had heard of Profinet. Showing that IT Departments have little grasp on the vulnerabilities that could be posed on the shop floor. So, we make it our duty to spread the word and ultimately help engineers talk to IT departments.


So, if you want to come to see us, bring your IT department to see us, we are on Stand DD9 at London ExCel for the 3rd and 4th of October. I look forward to seeing you there!

Oh, by the way! There is a chance to win on the stand over £2000 worth of networking equipment on the stand.

The prizes are









 Discover more about IP EXPO here

Written by Gareth Chamberlain – Network and Cyber Security Specialist

Contact him on gchamberlain@phoenixcontact.com

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