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Written by Mark Lloyd, Senior Product Manager- Power Supplies & Surge Protection

Flat and efficient is a good, if boring, overall description of the STEP range of power supplies.

Originally launched in 2003, updated in 2008, and now launched in its third generation, the STEP3 is now even more efficient. In fact, it is the first din rail power supply in the world to deliver Efficiency Level VI – the highest level possible – in no-load and part-load operation. With an efficiency of more than 94% and no-load losses of less than 0.1W, there is far less unwanted heat generated compared to most power supplies on the market. 

It is already released to the market with the first 5 models launched in the week that the delayed 2020 Hannover Fair was scheduled for. They are available now and are 0.63A, 1.3A, 2.5A, 4A and 5A all at 24DC output, and more versions including different output voltages will follow very soon.

As well as the standard industrial approvals, the STEP3 power supplies are certified for the first time by DIN EN 60335-1 for domestic use which makes them ideal for the requirements of modern building automation, both in industry and in private households. EN 60335 part 1 is a safety standard for household and similar electrical appliances that defines how these categories of products can meet the overall requirements of the ‘Low Voltage Directive’, and is applicable to anything electrical that is used in the home.

There is a constant demand to make products smaller so more can be packed into cabinets, and this power supply definitely ticks that box. The compact, slim-line design, (standardised to DIN 43880), saves valuable space in the control cabinet, while at the same time providing increased power per module width. For example, the STEP3 5A version takes up the same space as the previous STEP 2.5A version, so twice the power in the same width.

A lot of consideration has been given to the design and making them quick and easy to install. They feature tool-free push-in connection with the cable entry at 45° making it easier to connect. In addition, each terminal block has 2 connection points for looping out of the same potentials.

Lastly, they can be mounted on a din rail, as you would expect, but they also feature a slide-out fixing point that allows mounting onto a flat surface, and no washer is required.

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