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Written by Gareth Chamberlain, Product Manager- Cyber Security & IT Automation

Me, being a cyber security aware sort of guy, the first thing you might say about my blog this time is: why on earth is Phoenix Contact still developing unmanaged switches?

The answer is there will always be a need for unmanaged switches. If you look to the IT sector, they are still using unmanaged switches to connect to the network- but it is all about how you use the switch.

No company is going to be using unmanaged switches to connect the infrastructure of his whole business, because that network would come crashing down once it hits a certain size and complexity. So it’s all about what application the device being used in.

Unmanaged switches have long been a favorite of engineers for their real plug and play ability, but managed switches have now started to become more useful as applications become more complex and time sensitive.   However we still need to think of the non-complex, non critical systems out there that have been designed on a budget.

Phoenix Contact will be launching the new FL SWITCH 1000 family of switches at Hannover in April.  These have a great new sleek design with high density ports (up to 16 ports), into a slim, sleek case. This means, again, Phoenix Contact are still combating the arch enemy of control cabinets! SPACE!

We also understand our customers love features. This is where our unmanaged switches shine! We have prioritised automation control protocols to be forwarded first before any other traffic. We have focused on new ways of mounting the switch with our patented bracket.

The family will be ready for Hannover and Drives and Controls this April! (Only 66 sleeps left!)

If you are interested in looking into how Phoenix Contact can save you space in the cabinet with networking or other areas, then contact Gareth on 07946757375 or email



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