The future of battery storage

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Written by Duncan Nicol, Sales & Marketing Manager- Device Connections

Back in my childhood I recall being envious of my cousin’s petrol remote control car, which compared with my humble battery model, was fast and satisfyingly noisy. But looking back, I was well ahead of the curve with my battery RC. Now with a full-size battery car sitting on the drive, it seems like the right choice and the future of mobility.  

Of course, one of the real benefits of having an electric car is the ability to charge overnight when energy prices are low and wake up every morning to a fully charged car. In the future it will also be possible to sell some of the car’s battery capacity back to the grid when demand is high and make money in the process.  

But if we look to the immediate needs of the energy grid, we realise that the ability to store renewable energy, when demand is low but supply is high, and deploy that energy when needed, has clear and important benefits to the security of our energy grid. Grid and commercial scale battery storage is already a reality and expected to grow exponentially over the coming years.  

On an especially cold but sunny spring day back in March, the UK National Grid were reporting an impressive 64% zero carbon electricity generation. We are certainly moving in the right direction, but energy security is becoming a hot topic as the energy mix increasingly comes from unpredictable renewable sources.  

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