‘T-Bus’ adapter for bridging the Pepperl and Fuchs ‘K power rail system’

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Written by Fraser Cowie, Product Manager- Interface

This innovative adapter allows the use of other Signal Conditioners, also known as Isolation Amplifiers, on to the K Power Rail System of Pepperl & Fuchs. Replacement of existing P & F products, which are installed on the Power Rail system, by a Phoenix Contact equivalent product will be possible, without any changes in the installation.

The new ‘T-Bus adapter’ is suitable for the following signal conditioner ranges from Phoenix Contact: MACX Analog, MACX Analog EX, MINI Analog, as well as the popular MINI Analogue Pro.

At the moment, if a P & F part needs to be replaced in the installation, customers can only replace it with a P & F product. When the new adapter is launched in April, they will have a choice to use products from Phoenix Contact too. These alternative solutions may also save the customer money, time, and space.

One of the products suitable for installation on the new adapter is the Mini Analog Pro range – which is only 6mm wide! In fact, you can fit 2 of these on to the new adapter.

P&F only have products with a minimum width of 12.5mm that will fit, so if the application allows, customers can reduce the size of the total installation.

Other technical benefits of the adapter are:

  • It’s a modular system
  • The supply power is jumpered, so that each module does not have to be wired individually
  • A secure contact, mechanically coded for error-free installation
  • Vibration proofed
  • Installation in hazardous zone 2 according to Ex ec

If you want to know more about the new adapter please get in touch with Fraser Cowie on fcowie@phoenixcontact.com or on 07584 514963.



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