Shrink sleeve marking and pizza…all from your smartphone?

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Written by Andy Neat, Product Manager- Marking & Identification and Industrial Cabinet Solutions

Morning everyone, welcome to another one of my Monday morning blogs!

First of all, I hope you are all safe and well as we find ourselves in national lockdown again. If nothing else, I have here something to take your mind off the pandemic for a few minutes as I’m going to talk to you about a product which you can download and play with, right now!

Yes, it’s an App! Now sadly this App may not bring you the same level of pleasure during lockdown as maybe Uber Eats or Amazon shopping, but it can mark up your electrical cabinet for you. I mentioned this App briefly in the past as it drives our new Bluetooth Thermomark GO printer from your Android device, but one of the reasons I’m blogging about it today is because you can now download it on to your Apple IOS device too.

Yes, the new Phoenix Contact Marking System App is now available on all smartphone and tablet platforms allowing you to create all your labels in the palm of your hand, then simply Bluetooth them over to one of our compatible Thermomark printers.

It has a smart application guide helping you to select marking material based on resistance, approval, material properties and so on. Once created, a project can then be saved in folders on the app to be accessed when needed and then, of course, printed via Bluetooth straight to one of our Marking Devices. This is ideal for small onsite jobs that require quick marking at the drop of a hat and which doesn’t require booting up a PC or, in most cases, plugging in a printer if you are using Thermomark GO.

Now here’s a nice party trick too. If you don’t know what markers are required for a Phoenix Contact terminal for instance, you can use the camera on your smart device to scan the barcode on the Phoenix Contact product packaging, then you are whisked off to the correct marker on the App where you can mark away at your leisure.

So, there you have it, industrial marking all in the palm of your hand. All you have to do know I decide which pizza to order at the same time!

Download the app by using the QR codes

For more information, contact Andy on 07786 252414 or email



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